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How To Dress Your Baby In Spring – Tips For New Parents

How To Dress Your Baby In Spring – Tips For New Parents

With spring well and truly underway here in Australia, many first time parents may be wondering how they’re supposed to dress their new babies. After all, it’s quite an awkward time of year – the mornings are often chilly, whilst the afternoons become warm and sunny. The last thing you want is for your newborn to be too hot or too cold. With fluctuating temperatures making it difficult to choose an outfit for your little one, we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you out:

  1. Layers
    With the possibility of experiencing every season in a day, layering is key to keeping your baby comfortable. Layer them up of a morning and peel the layers off as the day gets warmer. Bodysuits are a great option, as other layers can easily be worn on top without becoming too bulky. It’s also important to think about the fabrics you’ve chosen – merino wool is a great option, as it helps to regulate body temperature.

  2. Colour
    Don’t be afraid to add some colour to your baby’s outfit. It’s time to put away neutral winter shades (like black, white and grey). Spring is the perfect time to start busting out brighter shades (like red, green and yellow).

  3. Rain
    It’s no surprise that the weather in spring can be unpredictable. A warm and sunny morning can turn into a wet and rainy afternoon right before your eyes. If you’re not properly prepared, even a sun shower could put a real dampener on your day. Investing in a lighter windbreaker or raincoat can protect your newborn from chills and rains without overheating them like a heavy winter jacket would.

  4. Denim
    A popular spring fabric for people of all ages, denim performs the dual function of keeping your little one warm as well as ensuring that they look stylish. From a simple pair of denim jeans or overalls to an edgy denim jacket.

  5. Headwear
    Maintaining your baby’s body temperature, as they are not able to do this themselves, is vital for their comfort and general wellbeing. A lot of heat is lost through the head, so putting a hat or beanie on is a great way to prevent this. Soft natural fibres, like merino wool, are an ideal choice because they help to keep your newborn’s head warm in the chill air without overheating when it warms up.

  6. Feet
    Don’t forget about your baby’s feet – their little toes need to be protected, too. Footed clothing is a popular choice, as you don’t have to worry about socks falling off and becoming lost. Slippers and booties are also useful for adding warmth.

  7. Simplicity
    The unpredictable weather experienced in spring can mean that you’re adding layers first thing in the morning, taking them off in the afternoon and then putting them back on again at night. The last thing you want to be doing is struggling with buttons and press studs when your baby is crying or you’re out in public. Instead, opt for clothing that can be easily put on and removed – zippers and elastic waists are your friends.

  8. Blankets
    One really great way to keep your newborn comfortable in spring is by wrapping them in a blanket or two. Place one over them in the pram or when they’re playing on the floor if you’re worried that they’re feeling the cold.

A general rule of thumb to follow when dressing your baby at all times of year is to put them in the same number of layers that you are wearing plus an extra layer for warmth. So, if you are wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of jeans, dressing your baby in a onesie with a singlet or bodysuit underneath should be fine. Prairie Fox stocks a wide range of garments that are ideal for trans-seasonal wear – make sure you browse them here.



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