Our Philosophy – Our Values – Prairie Fox at a Glance

I hope to bring beauty to everyday life for families of all shapes and sizes through high quality clothing, accessories and toys. Bringing you the latest in children’s fashion trends, I love shining a spotlight on designers and brands that offer a quality product and tell a story.

Here, you will see some brands that you recognise and some that you don’t - that’s the Prairie Fox point of difference.

Australian Made
I believe in supporting local businesses wherever possible, which is why many of the brands Prairie Fox stocks are Australian owned and operated. We have access to some truly amazing quality fabrics and designs here, so it would be a shame not to use them! Not only has the clothing been designed for Australian conditions, every purchase supports an Australian family and dream.

Premium Quality
Dressing our children in high quality fabrics ensures that they are comfortable as well as stylish. You don’t want fabrics that are clingy, slippery or too thick, as they can lead to overheating and general discomfort. Likewise, the fabric must withstand many rounds of washing, as well as wear and tear from play. Our range is made from fabrics like merino wool, cotton, linen and muslin – all of which breathe, are long lasting and are super soft on new-born skin.

Customer Service
At Prairie Fox, it’s all about our customers – ensuring that you have the best possible experience is one of our top priorities. I aim to respond to queries as quickly as possible; orders are shipped the next business day; I can even help you to surprise a loved one with a special gift (including a handwritten note with your message).

Ethical Choices
The fashion industry can be particularly damaging to the environment, which is why I am committed to making eco-friendly and sustainable choices where possible. Organic cotton, for example, is a more sustainable choice, as it’s produced without the chemicals that other fabric production requires. I also believe that investing in a couple of good quality garments is far more sustainable that buying a whole lot of fast fashion (which is disposable and nowhere near as long lasting).

Fun Loving
They say that if you don’t love what you do, maybe you should do something else. Not only am I passionate about Prairie Fox and providing my customers with gorgeous children’s clothing, I don’t think that life needs to be so serious all the time. Our children are encouraged to have fun, and I think us adults should be too!