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Hi! My name is Erin, the owner of Prairie Fox - thanks for stopping by. We pride ourselves on stocking ONLY top quality products from well known brands - which are mostly owned by working Mamas just like myself! We hope you LOVE our stuff as much as we do! Please click HERE to read our story…

The talented Mums behind the brands you love

At Prairie Fox, we are so proud that most of our brands are owned and operated by working mums. These AMAZING women have all seen a gap in the market and have decided to get creative and go fill that gap with their gorgeous pieces.
Take a look at some of the high quality brands we stock. It’s hard to not be inspired by the drive and ambition of these hard working mums!
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The baby sleep trick that will make your life more bearable

Every baby needs comfort. It’s a fact. Some babies seek you out for rocking, patting and feeding and before you know it, you’ve become your baby’s ‘comforter’.

Not ideal if you’re ever wanting to sleep again...
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The Benefits of Organic for Baby

We all want the best for our babies, even if sometimes we don’t know what the best thing is. I remember bringing my baby home and suddenly realising how little I knew about what I needed or what I should be doing and wondering how on earth the hospital thought it was ok to send me home on my own...
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