Quinn Mustard Tbar


Quinn Mustard Tbar

The Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

The go anywhere. The dress up or down. The his or hers.

The all rounder. The go with any outfit.

The navy T Bar. The Staple.

Genuine leather upper and quality leather soft sole with anti slip rubber pads or full hard sole.

Gold adjustable buckle to make every child a style icon.

Sizes: *cm refers to innersole length

Size 2 - 11cm - 0-6 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 3 - 11.8cm - 6-12 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 4 - 12.6cm - 12-18 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 5 - 13.4cm - 18-24 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole