Born from the minds of Sydney-based Australian design duo Prue Rainey and Lauren Black, RAARAA is a contemporary fashion house, lovingly designed and made in the land of Oz for your quirky kinder.

Prue and Lauren are mums, Aussie creatives and original thinkers, firmly focused on their vision to combine ethical production and haute fashion for a new generation of rebellious, free-thinking kiddos, ready to take over the world! 

RAARAA is for the unique. The imaginative. The dreamers. The fort-builders. The astronauts and the princesses. But more importantly, RAARAA is for lovers of original Australian design. RAARAA is for cool parents, with even cooler kids, focusing on bespoke fashion elements such as hand-illustrated graphics and prints, organic materiality and high-end quality making techniques.

RAARAA is for tea parties, climbing trees, playing hide & seek and jumping in puddles. It’s for sleepovers, reading stories and playing make-believe. RAARAA is clothing for kids to make memories in.