Happy Go Ducky

Husband and Wife team, Vojta and Amy ventured to Vojta's hometown of Prague in Czech Republic and from that one trip, an idea would be born. One which would result in creating something incredibly special and close to their hearts. That something special was Happy Go Ducky.  

When you become a parent for the first time, you realise how important it is to you to give your child the best start and for Vojta and Amy that includes quality, educational toys. Their key focus was that they only wanted to source toys that were ethically and sustainably handmade…so of course that meant no plastic!

They wanted each toy to tell a story so that they become more than just a child’s play thing…they wanted them to become a part of the family. When you treasure something as a child, you play with it often and memories that you never forget are created. These are the toys that don’t get thrown away. They are kept, cherished and passed on.