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Baby comforters are a simple, natural and proven way to make baby feel safe and secure, and to encourage self-soothing during times of change or at nap time. 

Research has shown that babies and toddlers with comforters experience less separation anxiety when you're not nearby and that baby comforters contribute to positive emotional development and can make your child feel more confident to explore the world around them. When your baby is trying to get to sleep, or when they wake naturally in between sleep cycles, our cuddle blankies can help them soothe themselves gently back to sleep - the perfect gentle sleep aid.

We also stock a great range of the world famous Jellycats toys - the softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored and Happy Go Ducky wooden toys.

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Fuddlewuddle Lamb
Bumbly Bear
Bumbly Bear
Pitterpat Bunny
Bashful Cream Bunny SMALL
Wooden Dog Stacking Puzzle - Bella
Wooden Push Toy Rabbit - Lola
Wooden Push Toy Dog - Harley
Wooden Rabbit Stacking Puzzle - Bonnie
Wooden Pinocchio Stacking Puzzle
Wooden Mouse Stacking Puzzle - Hobbs
Wooden Duck Stacking Puzzle - Franklin
Wooden Bear Stacking Puzzle - Bernard
Fuddlewuddle Monkey
Huxbaby Bunny Toy
Huxbaby Bear Toy
Bashful Blue Bunny
Bashful Pink Bunny
Bashful Elephant
Blue Cow Soft Toy
Pink Cow Soft Toy
Billie Kippin - Under the Kippi Moon
Kitty Kippin - Under the Kippi Moon
Billie Kippin Cuddle Blankie - Bear
Bashful Unicorn
Bashful Beige Bunny
Bashful Cream Bunny
Bashful Giraffe
Bashful Dino
Bashful Dino
Bashful Chaucer Dog
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