About Me

Hi! And Welcome in my website!

My name is Giovanna and I’m so thrilled to be the new owner of this beautiful online boutique shop for Mums to be, New Born Babies and Kids!

I’m Italian and one of the things why Italy is famous for, it’s obviously Food and Fashion!

I was born in Verona, but I grow up in Trapani, in Sicily, the city where my mum comes from!

I grow up in this small city surrounded my ocean and the typical smell of the cities that has a bakery or food shop in each corner... My grandparents had a bakery! And my grandad was one of 11 children, so I had cousins, aunties and uncles everywhere, I loved when in each commemoration we got everybody together, to cook, to eat, to tell stories and of course in the middle of the street!

I think I was the most creative girl of the group, I had funny ways to dress up and to grab the attention from everybody! I loved sneak in my grandma bedroom and find a “foulard” (French word for scarf but usually in a soft French silk material!) with big flowers and beautiful designs and put it in the hair, or as a top or just left hanging from the pocket!

Giovanna_Prairie Fox OwnerI have always been passionate about new trends and different styles, always looking for original things to wear or create my own using what I had in wardrobe! Just cutting it or folding in a different way!  

So, when I decided I wanted to become a Business Owner I didn’t have any doubt that I wanted something related with Fashion! And as per work of the law of attraction, this incredible opportunity came in my hands and I took only few days to understand and feel that this is me, Prairie Fox is me, Prairie Fox represents my spirit, my wildness, my intuit, my soul and my dream!  

My desire now is to support this beautiful Country that welcomed me, so my focus will be to sustain for as much as I can Australian Brands and Australian Designers to valorize what we have here!

Please do not hesitate to contact me or drop me a line! I’m always happy to connect with new people!

My email is prairiefox@outlook.com