Teethers - Functional and Fashionable

Teething. The dreaded stage we all go through with our bubs. Some babies are lucky and their teeth just seem to slip through miraculously overnight (seriously jealous of those bubs by the way!!). However, for most it seems like an eternity until mum finally sees a little white dot cut through.

Whether your baby struggles with teething or not, the fact is that all babies need to chew, and chew a lot. Not only is chewing great for gum relief whilst teething, it is also good for jaw development, and can also promote the teeth to cut through the gum. Chewing and putting things in their mouth is also an important sensory exploration activity. It practices their motor skills, lifting and aiming things into their mouth, and it is also a fantastic distraction.

At the general age that teething takes place, pretty much everything and anything ends up in your little bubs mouth, so getting your baby a proper teether not only serves the purpose of providing relief and development, but teethers can also be a cute little accessory.

The teethers that we have chosen to stock are personally tried, tested and loved not only because we think they’re the cutest on the market, but also because of their make-up. Our teethers are modern, minimal and non-toxic, baby safe alternatives to many of the brightly coloured, plastic products available elsewhere. We have a combination of just silicone, silicone and hardwood as well as of course the loved rubber Sophie the Giraffe.

We personally love the silicone and hardwood combination firstly because of the gorgeous colour combinations available, but secondly because they provide a mix of soft texture of the silicone to massage and soothe those sore gums plus the hard texture of the wood for greater relief. The hardwood is naturally antibacterial, whilst the silicone is durable, non-toxic, flexible, and resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria.

Whilst being practical and functional, our teethers are also the cutest you will find. Check them out here.

Zoe Wilton

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