Kids Vests - Nuts about knits!

Yeup, it’s winter, and Oh baby, it’s cold! But with everything in life, we like to see the positives and so for us, winter is all about the joys of LAYERING! And the best top layer a bub can have is a gorgeous, beautifully soft, warm knit! That’s why we are nuts about knits.

The key to good layering is to complement each layer with another through colour and texture to create a cohesive outfit. The gorgeous knit texture is a unique solution to finish off each outfit.

All of our knits are super soft so they’re never scratchy, always comfortable and most importantly, they keep your little ones cosy. Each item is made from the best selection of materials including merino wool and organic cotton. This quality is perfect for our little bubs sensitive skin and it also ensures longevity, making each knitwear item an investment; something that can be used year in year out, and also passed down.

We have a great range of jumpers for both boys and girls, as well as unisex items.

Bebe David Knit Cars Jumper ($49.95) Knit jumper Bebe wool
 Huxbaby Mouse Knit Jumper ($64.95) Huxbaby mouse knit jumper
 Huxbaby Chunky Knit Jumper ($64.95)

Anarkid Hedgehog Knitted Jumper ($59.95) Anarkid Hedgehog knit jumper



The ultimate knit for layering is of course the cardigan! That way fashion statements can be made with a gorgeous underlayer and matching cardigan for added warmth.
Acorn River Cardigan in Mustard ($89.95) Acorn Mustard Cardigan Knit
Milky Baby Knit Jacket in Navy ($49.95)
Milky Navy Knit Jacket
Le Edit Merino Cardigan in Fog Grey ($94.95)
Le Edit Grey Merino Cardigan
Le Edit Merino Cardigan in Blush ($94.95)
Le Edit pink Merino Cardigan


But of course, knits don’t just cover chests. We also have a gorgeous selection of beanies to keep your bubs ears and head free from freeze. Beanies can often make a classic outfit pop!

Fox & Finch Smile Knit Beanie with Pom Pom ($29.95) Fox & Finch Smile Knit Beanie with Pom Pom

Milky Beanie in midnight blue ($24.95) Milky Knit Beanie in Midnight Blue
Acorn Spot On Beanie in grey ($49.95) Acorn Spot On Knit Beanie in Grey
Acorn Lemon Beanie in yellow ($49.95) Acorn Lemon Knit Beanie Yellow


And for added warmth, knitted blankets are a staple item for the couch, bed, cot, pram or even car.

Anarkid Knitted Comfort Seeker Blanket in Navy (currently on sale $59.95)Anarkid Knitted Double Sided Comfort Seeker Blanket in Navy

Milky Cable Knit Wrap in Pastel Pink ($59.95)  Milky Cable Knit Wrap in Pastel Pink

Le Edit XO Reversible Cot Blanket - Black & White ($110.00)Le Edit XO Reversible Cot Blanket - Black & White


So have a little fun with layering and let your little ones be comfortably warm in style this winter.

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